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Traveler pocket set

Traveler pocket set



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Pocket it…

BIONIKA’s smallest TRAVEL instrument kit is

so small that you can literally put it in your pocket.

One of BIONIKA’s latest instrument kits is outstanding not only in terms of saving space but it is also unique regarding its function. It is suitable for both mechanical and manual driving because the holder part of the keys is originally designed for mechanical driving but the kit  includes a converter adapter with which any of our mechanical keys can be converted for manual use. Like its big brothers, the kit also includes BIONIKA’s ratchet torque screwdriver which ensures optimal power transmission for inserting the implant and tightening the screws with a preset boss torque.

Accessories of the travel pocket kit:

  1. Head screw wrench, mechanical, 6Lt1.00 x L15.00 mm
  2. Head screw wrench, mechanical, 6Lt1.20 x L15.00 mm
  3. Head screw wrench, mechanical, 6Lt1.25 x L15.00 mm
  4. Head screw wrench, mechanical, 6Lt1.27 x L15.00 mm
  5. Head screw wrench, mechanical, T1.60 x L15.00 mm
  6. Head screw wrench, mechanical, 6Lt1.67 x L15.00 mm
  7. Head screw wrench, mechanical, T1.70 x L15.00 mm
  8. Head screw wrench, spherical, tilting, mechanical, T1.60 x L15.00 mm
  9. Head screw wrench, spherical, tilting, mechanical, T1.70 x L15.00 mm
  10. Head screw wrench, spherical, tilting, mechanical, T1.80 x L15.00 mm
  11. Multi-unit wrench, mechanical, 6Lt2.00 x L15.00 mm
  12. Multi-unit wrench, mechanical, 6Lt2.70 x L15.00 mm
  13. Manual driver, adapter (4Lt2.77mm), Ø5.80 x L17.00 mm
  14. Screwdriver socket, for mechanical key, Ø7.70 x L19.50 mm
  15. Screwdriver socket, for mechanical key, Ø7.70 x L40.00 mm
  16. Ratchet torque wrench, 35Ncm, 6Lt6.00 x L87.00 mm
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