CAD-CAM solutions of our DentCam Milling Center

If you don't have the time to prepare lengthy dental frameworks, or if you don't have the appropriate technology, choose the services of the BIONIKA Milling Center, where you can get high-quality restorations and spend your remaining time on perfect aesthetics.

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Why is it worth to choose the BIONIKA Milling Center?

Unfortunately, the spread of digital dental systems is obstructed by several factors, such as technological change, which can seriously burden the dental laboratory budget. Many dentists and dental technicians tend to use the casting technology, however, with CAD / CAM equipments, due to the modern technology, it is possible to make much more accurate and precise toothworks. At BIONIKA, we would like to help you with these dental techniques, thus our milling center, which is provided with modern machines, was created and which is based on nearly 30 years of dental and implant manufacturing experience. Our system is provided with the most advanced technology that enables the production of high quality crowns, bridges and piers. In addition to the professional machinery, our specialists contribute to successful tooth augmentations in the best possible way.

Quality raw materials with BIONIKA

The exceptional quality of raw materials and the professional knowledge enables fast and perfect making of the ordered toothworks. It is important for us to make the products only from quality raw materials, thus such reliable materials are applied in the process of making, whose quality and adequacy is certified by the manufacturer’s test certificate according to the ISO5832 international standard.

  • Titanium: It is a versatile material with exceptional biocompatibility , thus not causing any allergic reactions for the patients. It is important for us to make our bio titanium products from the best quality. The requested tooth augmentation is machined with five -axis CNC machines, Grade 4 and 5 titanium is applied , from which life-long dentures can be made.
  • Zirconium: This material can be machined easily and the aesthetic appearance of it is high. This is the best solution for metal-free tooth augmentations. It doesn’t cause any allergic reactions for the patient. Due to its high solidity, complex circle bridges can be made from it. It advantageously eliminates the unpleasant and harmful galvanic effects which is a typical feature of metals.
  • Co-Cr alloy: The Co-Cr crowns and bridges are manufactured from one block with the help of a five-axis CNC machine. The cobalt-chromium alloy is hard to machine, but because the frame is made from one piece, it eventuates an even stronger structure, thus reaching a more precise fixation.
  • Moulder wax and plastic: The CAD-CAM technology is suitable for creating the denture geometry designed on the computer from molding wax used for casting or temporary plastics used as temporary dentures.

The process of our service

1. If you have a mouth scanner or a scanner for scanning a plaster model, send us the STL file by email.

+1. We are able to produce STL files with our dental 3D scanner based on the plaster model.

2. After the plaster model is arrived to us, our dental technicians design it with computer CAD software and then specify the frame of the desired denture and the restoration work begins.

3. The denture is made with our modern machines and CAM software based on the schedule. The fixation of the frame is guaranteed, the ready to use product is delivered to You.

4. The finished frame is delivered to you as soon as possible to your address along with its accessories. We notify you of the arrival by e-mail.