3D Builder titanium mesh - A new generation of titanium meshes in bone replacement

Before implantation, it is often necessary to replace the thinned bone. One of the most effective methods of bone replacement is the use of titanium membrane meshes. The 3D Builder titanium mesh manufactured by BIONIKA is available to our users in 4 forms. We have engineered the meshes in such a way that their physical properties best match the most common types of bone defects and the surgical technique.

Its main features:
  • strong but flexible material
  • tailored, pre-embossed shape
  • excellent biocompatibility
  • simple fixation with an implant locking screw

Thanks to the design of the special round head part of the membrane rivets, they click easily on the riveters. The rivets are kept fixed and stable by the insertion heads, so they can be precisely inserted in the right places.

The raw material of the riveting set is KO-13 stainless steel. The rivets are made of Grade 5 titanium alloy using the finest raw materials.

Transplantation bone screw

Titanium screw with hexagonal internal keyhole for simple stabilization of membranes and transplant bone blocks. It is compatible with several types of keys

The use of appropriate tools is essential for bone replacement.

We have developed our Nailing Kit for attaching membrane and titanium meshes to soft tissues.

The kit includes a bent and a straight scoring edge, as well as a bent and a straight riveter, a membrane rivet holder (rivets can be ordered separately) and a manual wrench. With the help of the bent rivet inserter, we can easily access hard-to-reach places.

The membrane rivets are located in the circular holder, they will hold the membrane plates. The holder is designed so that the end of the riveter can click exactly on the head of the rivet. There is room for 15 rivets in one holder .