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Titan membrane

Titan membrane



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It is often necessary to augment the thinned bone before the implantation. The application of titanium membranes is one of the most effective method with which bone augmentation can be performed. The titanium plates made by BIONIKA are strong, flexible and are available in a wide range of sizes, to give you the best solution for every situation.

The use of our product is very simple, because it can be cut into shape and it is really flexible due to its thin design, so it can perfectly adapt to a variety of surgical situations. The base material of titanium has an excellent biological stability and it is an advantageous choice from a standpoint of achieving successful ossification. The titanium membranes do not get absorbed, but they can remain inside for an extended period of time before their removal. The benefit of titanium membranes is that they are stronger than the absorbable membranes and the free-flow of bodily fluids is made possible by the micro-perforated surface. The location of the bone augmentation is accurately determined by the titanium membrane, and it also acts as a carrier for the bone augmenting materials.


  • Simple to use
  • Customizable size and shape
  • Strong but easily flexible material
  • Outstanding compatibility

Titanium membrane size selection:

  • 100x50 mm
  • 50x50mm
  • 30x50mm
  • 30x30mm
  • 20x30mm
  • 10x30mm

Diameter selection:

  • 0,1
  • 0,2
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