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Titan membranes 4+1 Package offer

Titan membranes 4+1 Package offer



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BIONIKA's 3D Builder titanium membranes can be fixed with an implant locking screw, used for bone augmentation during implantation. The 3D Builder titanium membrane is usually suitable for the bone augmentation of a single tooth.

The product is available in four geometrical (A, B, C, D) shapes:

  • Type A: Suitable for the retention of the bone augmentation material on the implanted bone section from one side and from the top of the implant.
  • Type B: It can be used as the support for bone augmentation on the side section of the jawbone and on the wider ridges.
  • Type C: It serves to retain the bone augmentation material inserted in both sides of the jawbone section and in the ridge.
  • Type D: It is recommended to be used on one side of the jawbone section and on a narrow ridge (between two teeth), to fix the bone augmentation material.

the contents of the package:

  • 2 pcs. A titanium membrane
  • 1 pc. B titanium membrane
  • 1 pc. C titanium membrane
  • 1 pc. D titanium membrane

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