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BIOPOZ Registry set for normal size mouth, implant level

BIOPOZ Registry set for normal size mouth, implant level



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BIOPOZ Registry set on implant level for a small mouth.

The set contains:

  • Magnetic bite registration head, implant level (6pcs)
  • Magnetic cap, titanium (6pcs)
  • Small Drawing pin with support pin 12mm length
  • Small Solid Recording plate
  • Registry plate small
  • Positioning plastic sheet
  • Registry fork, small
  • Registry screw

Bite registration heads on implant level 

Bite registration tools are needed so that we can determine the meeting plane of the occlusal surface of the lower and upper teeth. In the case of a edentulous mouth, multiple solutions can be found in dental practice. However, there was no adequate solution for cases regarding implants.
Based on the idea of the dental technician, József Rátonyi, BIONIKA Medline Orvostechnikai Kft. has developed a simple, globally unique method and toolset aimed at this pivotal problem, for accurate bite adjustment in implant-based dentures.
The essence of this solution is that the implants are equipped with a structure containing matching parts, which ensures the implant’s parallelism within broad boundaries. For the system to work even in the case of significant angular deviation (e.g. 60°/90°), we prefer the use of conical geometry. As a solution, we use an external conic abutment and a magnetic insert within the implant, and a cap part connected by a magnet with appropriate force. The magnetic connection ensures the simple movement, but safe position of the matching parts.

Selection of bite registration

The bite registration heads are available for any implantation system at BIONIKA. The head design is the same with every system in the cap area and differs only in its features with relation to the implant.
That is, the head design is usually similar to a 60° Multi-Unit conical solution (also available in a 90° design), in which the upper Multi-Unit screw is replaced with a magnet. This ensures the secure positioning of the bite registration cap, and its simple removability at the same time. The bite registration heads are available to be either fastened directly into the implant (implant level) or placed on Multi-Unit heads (Multi-Unit level) appropriately to the usual applied dentures.

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