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BIONIKA broken screws remover kit

BIONIKA broken screws remover kit



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Please note down the particular implant system you need the set for! It contains the instruments necessary for the removal of screw-ends broken in the implants. If the screw is positioned loosely within the implant's thread, it can be easily removed with the clawed screwdriver. The clawed screwdriver is turned slowly in the lead bushing, applying an axial pressure, it is rotated to the left. If the screw-end is stuck in the thread of the implant (e.g: tightening with extensive torque), then the left threaded drill is to be used with the lead bushing. Placed in the implant, we first turn it slowly, then rotate it to the left with greater force. Due to the great force used at the time of the drilling, the screw stuck inside can be easily removed.

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