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UNIFORM Pitt-Easy® (PE) Compatible, Cylindrical abutment

UNIFORM Pitt-Easy® (PE) Compatible, Cylindrical abutment



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Head height

The product is compatible with the implant. The geometric shape shown in the picture is a construction created by BIONIKA.

The fixation of the implant and its head is similar to solutions used by other implant brands: a tube-in-tube connection, cam anti-rotation function. The size of the head screw wrench: hex, 1.27 mm. It is recommended to insert the implant 0.5-1 mm below the cortical bone to achieve greater stability. In this case, the use of abutments with platform-switching (P-S) is the most ideal method. he abutments are guaranteed for a long period (minimum 3 years) by the manufacturer, in accordance with the warranty period undertaken by the dental laboratory for dentures. In certain cases, BIONIKA is also able to undertake the manufacture of custom-made abutments with a short lead time.

The image is an illustration. The coloring and geometry of the finished product may be different depending on the set parameters.

Included in the package:

  • surgical head screw
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