Quantity Discounts

BIONIKA webshop quantity discount

In the BIONIKA web store, we believe in long-term relationships, so it is important for us to value our customers.
We offer our customers an extra discount depending on the number of products purchased.

How does the Quantity Discount work?

Register in our webshop and add the products you want to your cart. You can get Quantity Discount on the first purchase for the following orders:

10% discount on purchases of 10-19 identical items *
20% discount on purchases of 20-299 identical items *
30% discount on purchases of 300-3999 identical items *
40% discount on purchases over 4000 identical items *
The discount will be deducted upon invoicing.

* Warning! Cannot be combined with any other action. Products purchased at a discount are not interchangeable.

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* Quantity discount promotion is valid until canceled.